May 22, 2008

Work in progress

Last week when I only had one project, turtlegirl76 "kindly" offered some of her own. Never fear, multiple -projectitis has struck again! Currently I have a lace weight Pi Shawl, a Danish tie shawl in a handspun Peruvian Merino, dyed by yours truly last weekend with a bunch of lovely people.

Next I'm gearing up for some flip top mittens which need designing and making.
the first pair will be this:it is really much darker in real life...

This yarn used to be a thrift store sweater:

I am still combing out my fleece so it will be ready when my wheel gets here.

The former sweater above will become another shawl of some sort, along with two other sweaters that still need to be torn out. then there's the embroidery ( sorry, lighting sucks and so no pictures) . And there are about six bags floating around in my head that need to be sewn up soon...

And there are some other things that will be talked about later...

OH! and I got my wraps per inch gauge from Karatstix (etsy shop name) last week too!

there. that's better.

May 15, 2008


My brother graduated from college in three years this weekend, a sister couldn't be more proud! It was a crazy, non-stop weekend and the ceremony was wet and cold, but I am glad I went, it was worth seeing him walk across the stage.

I also finally finished this bag: it has been hanging around begging for buttons and button holes for a good while. The straps are recycled from an uuugly bag I found in a thrift store ( looked like a dirty dairy cow). I am quite happy with it and will post it up on my etsy store very soon.

I have also started the Pi shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman, it is my first EZ pattern, and I have to admit, I'm totally obsessed. It really got going the morning of the graduation ceremony, and I've been rocking it every moment I can get. I also made it a special stitch marker I'm so excited about it!

May 5, 2008

Being outside

Here is the black and pink roving I dyed last weekend all spun up, I think there is about 40 yards, not exactly sure, haven't felt the need to get exact with it yet. It is the Romney wool that Tvini shared with all of us, it spun up nicely, and is a think and thin 2 ply yarn now. I'm happy with it.

And speaking of happy, I was outside at the park the other day and took this photo,

Aren't roses lovely?

Before I forget to post this photo again, here's one of my newest fiber friends... Guess who it is!