March 28, 2010


For a long time now, I've realized, I haven't really gotten all that into spring. I've always liked it, but it's fall that gets me going, knitting, spinning, crunching leaves. But now that I have a house, and its yard has a respectable amount of daffodils, I'm really enjoying spring. It makes me want to create color, dig in the dirt (I'd forgotten how awesome digging is, the smell of dirt on my hands).

I'm really enjoying spring, and taking advantage of it as much as I can.

Here's some of my daffies, I can't describe how happy I am that there are plenty of them, and there is more than one kind planted about the yard. I can't wait to separate them and fill them in with more kinds. And Hyacinths. I have to have some of those next year. HAVE TO people. And some purple tulips. And some sort of flower that is green. I love green flowers.

It was great fun taking photos with my new camera and tripod (the tripod is like manna in this low lit house!!!)

oh. and I have my giant desk back finally, after having to store it at my mom's house for about 3 years (felt like eons)!!! And I have a cute little old chair to go with it.


March 22, 2010

Setting goals

I've decided to do one thing for the house every day. So far, since last Sunday I've done the following:

Pulled out an ugly beach grass bush (SO do not belong in the middle of the state!)
Cleaned 2 rooms in prep for family & delivery of much needed shelving, made by my dad.
Started painting the front door.
Finished said painting, just need to scrape the extra off the windows.
I took Friday off to do yoga (5 weeks in a row so far! Another goal)
Saturday was cleaning, rearrainging and pulling out the other ugly beach grass, as well as giving 3 more hair cuts in prep of pulling out.
Then my dad & 2 of the brothers got here and they did some amazing things.
Sunday I planted my new herbs into their permanent pots
Today I started basil, tomatoes, put some cuttings in soil, and sprinkled some flower seeds as well.

Not sure what will be the task tomorrow, but I'm really enjoying this! Small steps really do add up! hmmmm, maybe I'll give the other three grasses their hair cuts.

Seriously though, usually, I'm against pulling plants up and out, but these things are a)ugly and b) silly, and c) I can plant better, more local-appropriate and far prettier things in their places. Not to mention gain enough room for a third raised bed in the veggie garden.

oh, and this is what the front door looks like now:

March 12, 2010

Taking a que

A new dear friend of mine posted seven (or was it 8?) things not readily known about her... And I think I should reciprocate.

1. Fidgit, the kitten-cat (because she is still small) has the sweetest smell, I often embarrass her by smelling her belly and armpits. I can't help it, she smells so KITTENY!

2. I can't remember how old I was, but I think early highschool, when I realized, to my horror, that I have my father's feet. Same shape, but smaller, whiter, and thankfully less hairy. Took me years to be able to look at my own feet without shuddering.

3. I have learned that I am a shy artist. I am trying to change that.

4. I love the sounds of fabric, tearing it, the swish swish of corduroy pants, the stiff sounds of silk... Except for the sound those damn windbreaker sports suits make, I hate that sound, it's too plastic (because that's what they are made of), I think mostly because you have no choice but to make noise if you are wearing one. Sound should be a pleasant choice.

5. I also adore having working dirty hands, from drawing with charcoal, to getting a hole in my gloves and having blue hands (and there was that one time I just didn't care and both hands were completely blue, I mean BLUE, people. And then I went to my writing class and the prof. stopped in the middle of his opening talk to ask why the hell they were so. - it remains one of my favorite memories.)

6. One of my goals this year is to make as much clothing as possible. So far... I need to work on it, but I did sew together the happiest of blanket tops!

7. I miss learning. I need to take a class soon about something I know nothing to little about. Or else I'll figure it out myself, which is fine, but learning from someone is so rewarding!

8. I know very little about music, any type. Which amuses and confuses most people who I've met in the past two years, seeing as the man I adore is a heavy duty awesomely talented musician and a rock 'n roll buff. I am forever reminding them that I don't know about such things, but I'll talk anyone's ears off about making things. Always.

So that is that, now, how about some rock music?

(be gentle on the visual quality, but I promise, these fools kick it in person!)

March 8, 2010

some sweetness

Daffodils smell heavenly, I keep getting whiffs of sent when I lean closer to the flowers next to me.

And now, some sweet, if blurry, pink toes.

Simply because I need these things today.

Fidge spent almost the entire night on the bed, something that never happens, she only got up to watch her birdie telly that comes on every morning at the feeder on our deck. It was a small bliss to feel her tiny body by my feet, such a lovely surprise. Kitten-cats are a welcome break from troubles of the world, don't you think?

March 2, 2010

Seeing work

I have several projects going. Started a new little one last night, for the joy of it. Spinning yarn is so good. It's been a while since I've spun anything that I haven't washed and carded myself, too, which I learned when I finally broke into this braid of scrumptious yellow roving I bought out in Asheville at SAFF this October. I don't usually buy things other people dye, since that's part of the fun for me, and I don't have an unlimited textile/fiber budget (small pout!) But I couldn't resist these yellows, and since it is kind of a hard color to get saturated when you dye your own, it became my treat that day. (Let's not talk about the giant fleece I bought... that was a different kind of treat. I planned to buy that!)

So I'm spinning daffodils now. And even though it's snowing, I know I have the real things on my kitchen window... I love daffodils to infinite amounts.

Here's a glimpse of what I'm doing tonight, spinning yellow yarn in my new ORANGE cordoroy pants (can't tell you how happy they make me, but man! Orange pants, say it out loud, and try not to smile when you say it.)
And there's a book to read later in that amazing leather chair too! Life sure is nice!

So I leave you with a photo of little miss Fidgy, who's keeping me company while I wrap someone's birthday presents and spin new yarns and write to you, dear reader.

oh, and how about a preview of my sort of secret project? wheee!