June 24, 2010


This is how things get done around here at Casa Del Fidgit...

She's such a helper, isn't she?

June 23, 2010

If it weren't for my Mr....

If I could, I would live of the smell of these flowers.

I'd also probably eat grilled corn and cantaloupe every day this summer. all. the. time. But he doesn't like these things as much as I do, so luckily my diet is much more diverse than my taste buds demand. He's quite handy to have around, and even makes me tend towards a more even diet! teehee! He may be convinced to eat peaches every day though... hmmm...

Coming soon

learn something completely new. You'll be amazed at what happens.

I'm feeling quietly confident in my learning curve, but not so much yet that I'm ready to offer up anything to the shop quite yet. It's coming, I hope to thrill your eye-buds (get it? like taste buds, but eyes! teehee, oh, I kill me... snort!)

June 19, 2010

I'll be to my knuckles in pits soon

Peach pits, that is. I have a kitchen sink full of peaches I bought at the farmers market, and I CANNOT wait to start baking with them. The few that have fallen prey to my snacking have been the juiciest peaches I have had in a long, long time. Perhaps ever, dare I say it!

Aren't they breathtaking?

Summer does have its perks, and peaches are way up on that list. Now, can someone please do something about this blasted humidity??


p.s. made a cobbler out of some of the peaches, YUUMMMY! Anyone need a new recipe for this dish? I'll share!


There is little better than sitting still after a day of crawling around on the floor, trying to install a sink while the hot water is still dripping because the shut-off valve is funky. A new couch to sit on is also quite the perk, don't you think?

But I did it. That is, after three trips to the hardware store (thank goodness it's practically around the corner, or else I might've cried), panic, and following relief thanks to the lovely man who helped me figure out how to fix my hook up hose issues.

Whats that? Oh, alright, here's how it looked in progress...

Fidgit helped, of course.

The color is called artic stone, more pigment than I had pictured in my head when I chose the paint chip, but I love it.

Now all I need to do is get small feet for the tall cabinet (and hope Shawn likes it where it is). Oh, and bleach and seal all of the grout in the shower and on the floor.

After that, I need my house painter friend to stop by and give the trip a quick bright white pick-me-up (I don't do oil based paint... I'm not precise enough, and he's a pro!) and this bathroom will be finished, friends. Finished.

June 8, 2010


Who knew how hard it is to take a photo of your own hair pulled up in a pretty clip! I've tried and failed you again, dear readers... I'll have to try again the next time Shawn or someone is around to take the photo, make sure it's focus and I'm in the frame and all that... Sigh... Normally, I'm quite good at self portraits. They were always my favorite assignments in photo classes.

Though I did think up a new way to show the pins off! How do you like them on yarn? I feel like showing the actual flower pin you'd be buying in my hair might gross some people out, (no matter how clean I say I am!) and they're just SO plain on a white background.

Would love to know what you think!


June 4, 2010

dream space

This is where I work out designs, write to you here on this blog, and write my letters to friends. See the box on the second shelf??? She's my newest favorite thing, and I will share her next time the light is better, as you can see, it's quite dark in here for photos at the moment, and needs some sunshine to be properly shown off.

I love this desk, it is from the ubiquitous Ikea, and I've had it since this blog was started (see? you can just make it out under the pile of supplies and the hat...) The space to work on is huge, the shelves are lifesavers, and once I get some hooks, I'll be able to hang things from the bottom of the shelves and along the side supports. Crammed full. That's a good desk.

I love this room, and can't wait to paint it. Soon, soon!

June 1, 2010

my own horn...

Have you seen the new flower pins in the shop? I love making them, the wee bits of fabric slowly turning into ruffled shapes, choosing the right color of beads to finish them off... It's nice to know there's something so pretty to do with my fabric scraps! This batch is all bobby pins, but I have done them with brooch pins before as well, but the bobby pins always get the most attention when people see them in person, so I've stuck with that for now. I do hope you like them!

I always get compliments on mine when I wear one, I bet you'll have the same luck! They're just so nice pinned up in one's hair. Simple and sweet.

I wish I could have gotten a shot of me wearing one for you, but it JUST wouldn't work out today, soon though, promise!