October 31, 2007

Here are some more pictures from the workshop! The bird cup belongs to me now, another photo of Ron working, I think he is making a tea pot. And a carved goat tea bowl that I assume he plans on either salt or wood fire. And then there's Roxi, everyone's favorite giant lap dog. She used to live at Cub Creek, but has since left to pursue graduate school with her poppa. Like I said before, the weekend was great! Here's a video of the last piece Ron painted with some of his favorite characters ...

October 28, 2007

Workshop at the Creek

After three days of pretty heavy, always steady rain and then a workshop, I'm too worn out to tell you all about this past week and weekend, but it was great. Ron Meyers came up to Cub Creek to do a workshop/demo for two days. I love his work , the people were great, he is such a warm, real person that you couldn't help but feel nice listening to him tell stories and explaining his work. Yes, that is THE Ron Meyers in the photo above, one sweet lookin old man, huh? And below is one of his works, it's the, well, blue plate special... duh. anyways, he told us he makes these most places he goes, called them his ...well, i think i know how to spell the word he used, chachski. but i think some how it starts with a k... anyways, I love that word. I love all my chachskis too.

I'll add more photos, including the tea bowl I bought from him later this week when I'm hiding out in one of my favorite places for a few days. Yay! Whee!!!

October 25, 2007

Numba Two

Here's something that i made really quickly hoping that it would spark some sort of creative flow yesterday... or the day before, it all runs together out in the sticks... anyways, it didn't work like I'd hope it would ( i still felt very uninspired after making it... boo.) but i still like it. then i went for a walk and found a place to lay down in some tall grass... lovely,no?

And now that it's been cooler, the salamanders (newts?) have moved into the studio. They're lovely animals but have a habit of stopping where I tend to walk and I have almost squashed one already... almost.

finally the rest of them

freaking finally blogger let me finish posting my photos that i've been talking about. here's the bird i embroidered on my curtain ...
A small selection of my army of buttons that's still growing, they'll be (hopefully) sold to the masses via yarn stores when they are done. I might glaze some, but most will be put in as bare clay into the wood kiln and the salt kiln. I'll explain about those later when i have work done in the actual kilns.
and this is a piece of melted glass i found in the back of John's house in the mud one day. It must have been melted in the fire it is an amazing little find. I might go out looking for more some day, but first it has to stop raining.

So that's what I've got. It's nice. oh, in the background of the glass picture you can see a blurry vase hung from the ceiling with pink yarn I spun. It's part of a series I may or may not expand to many many vases hung with spun yarn. Time will tell.

October 23, 2007

picture day!

Finally they decided to let me post some pictures of my work! My curtains, some yarns with no projects yet planned... my second sculpture here...

and of course, as soon as i tried to put more photos up, the damn thing breaks again... geeeeeze people. get with it!

Oh well, at least I figured out what to do with my alpaca, Mitered knitted scarf/shawl/small blanket! ( it all depends on how much yarn i have... white, black, dark-deep blue, light blue,dark gray, light gray. very nice and soft)

October 20, 2007

Curts, mommy! Curts!

I have found a partial solution to all the stress and distraction that comes with living and working in the SAME space. (Sleeping in a tent doesn't help either, but that's another can o' worms). The problem: I get distracted... easily, especially when it comes to what is going on around me, and since I'm here to work, and haven't gotten nearly as much done as I had hoped would happen, I was getting stresssssed. Tensions were high, until i decided to put up some curtains around my space to block out all the visual noise. Works like a charm. I can pretend i'm alone! This is Great! Now I have a cozy studio that I can work in without so many "breaks". It's kind of like being in a tent all over again, but with much more of a Lawrence of Arabia feel to it, I'm in love and have already started embellishing the muslin. Here's to keeping sane in a crazy situation! woooooooooo

So I tell you about my lovely, potentially life saving curtains, and blogger isn't letting me post pictures. they will have to come later I suppose.... damnshite.

I was also going to show you some yarn I've spun, some alpaca that is turning into a scarf (?) the little bird that's growing on my curtains and my latest sculpture and new and growing army of buttons... oh well.

( when I was small, we were moving away from CT to Japan and my mom took down my curtains. this was not, apparently, ok with me. I went running to her after discovering them missing crying, " Mommy! Mommy, Curts! Curts!". Curtains and I go way back.)

October 9, 2007


So now I've made it to cub creek foundation ( www.cubcreek.org) Which means I will be spending a year living in Appomattox making things... I will be concentrating on clay works mostly, but of course, I can't to one thing for too long before I remember all the other things I know how to make and there will be many many fiber projects spilling out of my studio as well as ceramics. I'm looking forward to what this year will bring me, and am trying very hard not to look to hard into the future, as that always leads to craziness and frustration. The moment I'm in and the week ahead at the most, that's all I am trying to think about. It is harder than I thought it would be. Thanks to my darlings who help pull me back down from the crazy shelf I often find myself on.

But here's a work that's almost finished...