November 22, 2009

Living in a Home

We raked. and raked and raked. And then the next day (today) we raked some more... Now that it's raining, I'm glad we did finish this morning, or else we'd be stuck with little mounds of mold-breading, damp leaves. ick. But in a while, all the leaves we dumped in our back yard (no leaves in plastic bags to go rot in the landfill, thank you!) will become a lovely addition to our gardens. I can't wait to see what sprouts up in the spring, and then make my own list of necessary plants. Which will include as many bulbs as possible. I love them. Daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, tulips, oh, and lilies, don't forget the lilies!

I am feeling rushed to start creating again. but am fighting the urge to start ten new projects. I know, not so deep down, that the rooms I want to make in need to be put together or I will just end up frustrated and stressed. These are not things that help encourage creativity. I need to slowly put these rooms together, breath, make myself satisfied, and THEN. Then I should stitch and draw and spin and dye to my heart's content. I'm keeping myself busy until then by finishing projects, organizing the rooms and relaxing.

The rain outside right now is steady, and helps with all this relaxing I am cajoling into my head. Our bedroom is done being painted, I have fabric for the curtains (oh, these will make me so Happy!) And then all we will need are some bedside tables and some art up on the walls and it will be the sanctuary of sleepyness that we need. I am happy and warm. I think I will go wind up some yarn...

(what?? I said I was TRYING not to start more projects... didn't say it was working. And what else can you do when sweet smelling wool and silkblends are screaming at you from behind the closed door? What I ask?!?)

when you lay down in tall grass, this is what greets you.

November 16, 2009

Busy, thinking, doing, making.

Well, I had amped up some momentum on this blog, but then... Then I became neck deep in a project that will last a long time. One that I am in charge of, that will make me feel better and stress me out, probably at the same time. I bought a house. A REAL- live house, people!!!!!! You'll have to do with the kitchen and bedroom shots, I haven't been around the outside with a camera when it's still light out yet, but it will come. Oh, it will.

After we made serious headway yesterday I finally feel like this house is going to be a Home, my home! It is a magnificent 1916 Craftsmen bungalow, with slate blue siding and white trim. The inside colors are slowly being replaced with choices that make my mind happy. So far we have the celery green in the kitchen, which is accented with one small charcoal grey wall, and bright white trim. All of the trim, molding and wainscoting will eventually be bright white, the dingy looking off white has GOT to go!

The dining room is an icy aqua, the color name is "cool dip" and it certanly is. The bedroom is deep, twilight-almost-dark teal. I held my breath when this color was picked out, it could have very easily been too dark and drab. But it is vibrant and happy, hoooooray!

The cat is happy, the man is unpacking his records (which equals happy) and the books have found their way to the shelves, I can't wait to get my giant desk back from my mom's house and really organize the office room. I'm still suprised that this beautiful place is mine. I can't wait to dig up the garden and plant veggies this spring and summer... I am going to be able to do so much now! All those things that can't be done in an apartment, not properly at least. There will be many nights of knitting, sewing, drawing, movie watching and snuggling with friends and family (it's funny, how those two words have become so easily interchangable in the past year or so) in this house.

I'm off to make some tea... and to try to organize the fabric.


August 22, 2009

Forgot some awesome

Back in April, I went to a small but lovely sheep farm on its shearing day. Shepherdess Alice is an amazing woman, lemme tell ya! She's got a great (and growing) flock of Shetlands and Icelandic and a pretty bunch of Finn sheep too, along with the money sheep (meat). I'm going to let the photos do the talking now...

First you have to herd the sheep (walk slowly with your arms out.) into a smaller and smaller pen, and as you shear, the big guy helping just picks up a sheep out of the waiting pen and plops her on the shearing table.

Shearing tables are awesome. Much less bending over, and the sheep can just stand there resting its head in the holder (it looks scary, but is not.)

This is Flynn, the Finn, the first bottle baby of the season, I can't remember if Alice had any more, but he is SO cute. She's kept him as a wether, and his fleece will be coming down to me in the fall after shearing!! YAY!

This is Harriet, the Icelandic. This was her first shearing, and she was somewhat of a rescue, which is why she is SO small. Icelandic sheep are small anyways, but she is just teeny-weeny!
See, wasn't kidding!!

Alice gets to look out her kitchen window to this... but usually with all the sheep on it too. Prett, no? I was so lucky to get up to the Shenandoah Valley again, I miss that place! And I had a great time too! All said, I came back with half of Harriet's fleece (which I just finished setting the twist on this week, photos soonish I hope), and a whole Shetland. The Shetland missed out on a photo shoot because when we put her on the table, she LAID DOWN. Would NOT GET UP. So I had to be a little more involved with that shearing, making sure she didn't try to get up and jump, or roll off. We named that yearling Noodle, and her fleece came home with me. I've washed, but not carded Noodle yet, but all that oatmeal-grey goodness is calling my name, so it will be next.

August 15, 2009

Crafty Sweat

Thanks to all who came out last Sunday! The Bazaar went really well, tons of people, despite the heat, I hope they'll do it again! This was the first show I've done that I felt really ready and prepared for. I had change, water, cards, a cute table cloth, STUFF and everything. The only thing I forgot was a snack, but cookies were being sold, so that wasn't even an issue! Here's my table:

And various shots of the table, forgot to take one just of the tiles and my button tree... oh well.

The only problem was, in my desire to avoid the sun and being burned to a crisp, I placed myself under the patio's roof... not a problem until I realised that the AC units were right behind the table. (the suckers blow out HOT air to the outside... oops!) Heat ontop of Heat was not the desired affect, but it worked out. So there was lots of sweating and water drinking, but the tiles and flower clips did great!

I need to take photos of everything that was left over (there's plenty) and put them on my etsy site, but everything's so crazy with some exciting stuff, that I haven't had the brain space to do anything about it. Soon though, I'll have this week all to myself as Dudeman is off on a mini tour with Mich Easter. (YES, he is that cool!!) Not that he gets in the way of crafting, it's just easier to do that kind of thing by myself. If you see anything in the photos you NEED, just let me know and I'll pop it up there for ya.

Have a good one!

August 8, 2009


So the company I work for had a HUGE crocheter based following... Makes sense, but it also means that I have had to own up to talking about improving my crochet skills and actually do something about it.

I bought a stitch dictionary of crochet patterns, not just motifs and granny squares, and have been making dishcloths, practicing reading the patterns and being productive and stuff all at once. It works out well as a movie project, but mainly they've become my " But I don't WANT to work on what I should work on" projects. They're quick, so nothing gets neglected too long. And now I have a pile of cloths for my dishes. As one gets nasty, I make another, it's a pretty good system.

I still like knitting better, but I do LOVE being able to knock out some dishcloths and really play with chain stitches on top of them, exploring what textures make a better scrubber and the like.

The best part is, I have a huge pile of Creme de la Creme, our cotton yarn. It is hard as hell to find in a store, but I really enjoy this cotton yarn. It's soft and colorful, and in fact, I have some that will become a shawl someday. I'm not a huge 100% cotton fan, but this stuff is my exception.

I have no pictures of the dishcloths because it is time to make another, and who wants to see nasty cloths? yuck! So instead, I present my newest favorite sweater. Modified Memories of Ukraine from The Natural Knitter knitted in red Silky Wool. I wore it to work the other day (yes, the office is that cold...) and love it. Want to wear it every day. except on the days I have to wear my other favorites. I also love this photo, makes me giggle.

I love this yarn, and have more in a mossy brown color... I'm thinking a cardigan this time. Any pattern suggestions? (though I'll probably end up making something up, you know how I am)

Don't forget Charlotte People, Craft Bazaar tomorrow!

August 3, 2009

Busy Busy

I swear, I kept meaning to write and say hi and be all up to date.... Then I kind of gave up on it, but lately, well, I'm feeling the urge to write again, lots of things have happened and lots more has lined up to happen soon.

First big news, I work for This lovely company now! I love it... it's a great fit for me, and they GIVE AWAY FABRIC and YARN every once and a while. (can you believe it?!?)

I'm test knitting a stole I made last year for my mom, hopefully soon it will be done and photographed and up on Ravelry. That's the plan at least... and maybe that will help kick me in the direction of writing up more of my patterns, but let's not push it, right?

Things have been pretty busy around here since changing jobs, but I've managed to sew up a few dresses, which have become one of my favorite articles to wear, so comfy! I have plenty of fabric to make more out of, and perhaps some more skirts, which are a regular occurrence in my sewing repertoire. A few bags and toys have also been made with the machine as well.

Here's the sweetest thing I've made in a long time, cute, no?

It was made for a very special new big sister, and the skirt was promptly pulled off and thrown aside. I rather fancy the nekkid bunny myself, but wanted to give the option in case she felt modest one day. I am so in love with the tail... I have a few more to sew, to sell but I think I might skip the skirt... any thoughts?

Speaking of selling, a little self promotion here:

On August 9th (it's a Sunday) I'll be at Snug Harbor, one of the best bars in the whole city of Charlotte, if you ask me. They're putting on their first ever Craft Bazaar, and I'd really appreciate it if any of you who can would come out and support everyone! I have no idea what to expect, and am super excited to show my clay work from Appomattox (LOTS of tiles), as well as a good handful of sewn bits and bobs, and perhaps some yarn, but I'm just winging that part. (read... too in love with the yarn to part with it yet.)

I'll try to post again about knitting stuff, and with more pictures soon. I'll leave you with this guy:

He'll be at the Bazaar too. Have a great week!!