November 22, 2009

Living in a Home

We raked. and raked and raked. And then the next day (today) we raked some more... Now that it's raining, I'm glad we did finish this morning, or else we'd be stuck with little mounds of mold-breading, damp leaves. ick. But in a while, all the leaves we dumped in our back yard (no leaves in plastic bags to go rot in the landfill, thank you!) will become a lovely addition to our gardens. I can't wait to see what sprouts up in the spring, and then make my own list of necessary plants. Which will include as many bulbs as possible. I love them. Daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, tulips, oh, and lilies, don't forget the lilies!

I am feeling rushed to start creating again. but am fighting the urge to start ten new projects. I know, not so deep down, that the rooms I want to make in need to be put together or I will just end up frustrated and stressed. These are not things that help encourage creativity. I need to slowly put these rooms together, breath, make myself satisfied, and THEN. Then I should stitch and draw and spin and dye to my heart's content. I'm keeping myself busy until then by finishing projects, organizing the rooms and relaxing.

The rain outside right now is steady, and helps with all this relaxing I am cajoling into my head. Our bedroom is done being painted, I have fabric for the curtains (oh, these will make me so Happy!) And then all we will need are some bedside tables and some art up on the walls and it will be the sanctuary of sleepyness that we need. I am happy and warm. I think I will go wind up some yarn...

(what?? I said I was TRYING not to start more projects... didn't say it was working. And what else can you do when sweet smelling wool and silkblends are screaming at you from behind the closed door? What I ask?!?)

when you lay down in tall grass, this is what greets you.

November 16, 2009

Busy, thinking, doing, making.

Well, I had amped up some momentum on this blog, but then... Then I became neck deep in a project that will last a long time. One that I am in charge of, that will make me feel better and stress me out, probably at the same time. I bought a house. A REAL- live house, people!!!!!! You'll have to do with the kitchen and bedroom shots, I haven't been around the outside with a camera when it's still light out yet, but it will come. Oh, it will.

After we made serious headway yesterday I finally feel like this house is going to be a Home, my home! It is a magnificent 1916 Craftsmen bungalow, with slate blue siding and white trim. The inside colors are slowly being replaced with choices that make my mind happy. So far we have the celery green in the kitchen, which is accented with one small charcoal grey wall, and bright white trim. All of the trim, molding and wainscoting will eventually be bright white, the dingy looking off white has GOT to go!

The dining room is an icy aqua, the color name is "cool dip" and it certanly is. The bedroom is deep, twilight-almost-dark teal. I held my breath when this color was picked out, it could have very easily been too dark and drab. But it is vibrant and happy, hoooooray!

The cat is happy, the man is unpacking his records (which equals happy) and the books have found their way to the shelves, I can't wait to get my giant desk back from my mom's house and really organize the office room. I'm still suprised that this beautiful place is mine. I can't wait to dig up the garden and plant veggies this spring and summer... I am going to be able to do so much now! All those things that can't be done in an apartment, not properly at least. There will be many nights of knitting, sewing, drawing, movie watching and snuggling with friends and family (it's funny, how those two words have become so easily interchangable in the past year or so) in this house.

I'm off to make some tea... and to try to organize the fabric.