August 23, 2008

Wet and fuzzy

Here's what I find now when I go into the kitchen....


In fiber news, spent another delightful dyeing day at my friend's home. I had not dyed anything for a while, and was itching to dye the few pounds of roving I had so I could spin them up. I'd say it was a most successful day!

The VIVID BRIGHT orangeyellowredgreen roving was inspired by Skittles candy (not a huge fan of the purple ones, so I left them out.) This will eventually turn in to a wicked hat or pair of fingerless gloves. Can't wait!

I'm very happy with all the other colors, I was trying to get a range, instead of sticking to my normal, comfortable colors. There are a few not pictured, but then I couldn't surprise you with them later on, now could I? ( And they were dry already and the light sucks in the apartment at the moment... but whatever)

August 11, 2008

soft is swell

Spinners, have you tried bamboo yet?!? DO IT! It is so soft!!! I found it smooth and easy to spin, I barely had to pre-draft it. The fibers are long, the carbonized bamboo I have is a beautiful, steel/smoky gray. I'm sure that natural colored bamboo would dye wonderfully, it has a wonderful sheen. oh... you probably want to see some now, don't you? Here is the first 2 oz, with the twist set.

About 93 yards, I will be ordering more from Miss. Babs soon!

On knitting, I am trucking along on a sweater that will warrant photos soonish, a few present projects, so no pictures for those until they are given away... umm... I have yarn waiting to get on my needles to make some long fingerless gloves with some natural colors of hand-spun. And for this post's knitted picture, a cowl I made the other day with super wash merino yarn I spun and dyed.
It is a bit big for a cowl, but I'll be able to tuck it into my coat so the looseness is not a problem!
Who wants a Fidgit update?

he's getting bigger! eep!

August 2, 2008

Fruits of Summer

I finished my Pi Shawl this Tuesday but just now had time to block it out, I have to say, I'm so glad this yarn has been used up! I bought it before I was ready for it, but now I can more than handle lace weight yarn and enjoyed this project. Skipped the usual lace edging in favor of a simpler solution: Yo, K2together round, knit two rows, crochet bind off plus two rounds of crochet. thought my hand was going to fall off after that! I'm happy with the finished project and now only need a pin to secure it!

Went to the farmers market today as well, here's the haul!

there will be fresh guacamole, backed acorn squash, and yummy sautéed summer squash coming to our dinners this week! Not to mention to DIE for peaches, nectarines and the best blackberries I've had in a loooong time.(the bacon is not from the farmer's market. it is from good ol' H. Teeter)

Oh! here's some of my latest hand spun yarn as well! The green is much more greenie blueish, but I was tired of fighting with the camera and computer to try to get something more true to the tone. The red is pretty close, and plied with cotton sewing thread. I love this method of plying, it gives such a neat texture and plenty of room to play. I think the red will become a hat soon..

And lastly, some amazing clouds