April 28, 2008

People are Dyeing EVERYWHERE!

Well, maybe not everywhere, but yesterday a lovely group descended upon tvini's lovely home to paint and Crockpot dye yarn and roving and generally have a wonderful time.

There were large pots

some bamboo cooked in the Crockpot and came out beautiful after the mad scientist figured out the chemical maneuvers

Yummy goodies

Jetsyknits with her wrapped up colors ready to be steamed while Knitdiva painted away

And then turtlegirl ( the mad scientist mentioned earlier) made an amazing thing on her roving experiment

The results were a cloth line full of beautiful fibers and a bunch of happy knitters!

Here is what I came away with, the red and blue-green braids were painted and the lavender gray was done in the crock pot over 3 batches.

Now, tell me that's not a great day! I would've liked to get better pictures of the finished roving, but it's a yuck day out and none of my lamps are great for lighting, oh well, can't have everything!

April 15, 2008

Threads and Oats

Yesterday I pulled my muslin out of it's container and slapped my new hoop on it and started tracing a sketch on it. Didn't like that one, turns out, the idea behind it is one that needs to get fleshed out and built upon more before I can start. More drawing, more tracing, more scratching of the head and lots more erasing. So instead I started this:

Will keep you updated, promise.

This is another week o' practice for S, so I decided to go to the grocery store and buy lunch stuffs, a girl can eat salads only so many days in one week. It was there, trying to decide what it was that I wanted to eat for lunch tomorrow that it hit me. I can make COOKIES! I haven't be able to for one reason or another ( a grosssssssssss nasty ass studio kitchen being one of them.) Happily I gathered my supplies, and these delights just popped out of my oven. They are, in the words of the little sister of my life, Ms.L., yummish! interesting note ( or not) this is the first food I've posted about. go figger

And to finish up, two finished projects:

Stole for mah momma

and a hemp market bag

April 9, 2008

And on Wednesday, she dyed.

So... What's a girl to do when she comes across nice, soft wool, on sale, a very very good price for her small wallet, but it's a yucky yellow-brownish color (mustard perhaps)? She buys 6 skeins of it of course, thinking that the answer is in her crock-pot.

And so the yarn comes home, gets put in the sink, some math is done. Crock pot is turned on while the dye dissolves, the kitchen window is wrassled open ( it was painted shut) so any lingering vinegar smell is gone by the time S comes home (hates HATES the smell of the stuff-and for good reason). Yarn is put into the crock pot, cooks and cooks for 40 minutes, is rinsed, squeezed ever so gently and *poof* mustard turns green!

Yucky Yellow:


Much Better!

Drying on the roof

It has been a most happy morning.

(The yarn is Araucania Natural Wool, in color number 37. Now it's number pretty)