November 13, 2007

my new best thing in the world

My bed. that's right, the one I haven't slept in for about... oh lets say... about 3 and a halfish months or so, as I slept on an air mattress for a awhile, then moved to Cub Creek and slept on one of those foam mattress cover things (an egg crate is what I've hear people call them but they do not resemble one at all...) in a tent for the past little-over-two months. Finally the big house is done enough to move my bed into! Rejoicing happened big time.

I've moved from buttons to tiles and am really loving them, each one i get to carve the heck out of and sometimes its a beauty and I keep it. I've also come up with another way to get fibers and clay together, i'm going to be using some of the tiles as PIECES OF ART by sewing them onto canvases and other fabrics and then embroidering around them, possibly beads will also become involved with this. This new range of possibilities means that all the tiles do not have to be... tile shaped, so I've had fun mushing and throwing them into new, crumpled up forms.

Still want to knit a sweater. Still don't really know which one or what kind. well, no, something with skinnyish sleeves and cables. yeah, too bad the funds are too low for that kind of thing. I may have to start searching the web for cheap-o yarn deals ... hmmmmm.

So I have no pictures of the tiles, but here is my little sister's first finished knitting project EVER. We sat on the couch together while I knitted a certain brown and blues scarf for someone special... It was probably one of our sweetest things we 've done together so far.

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