December 20, 2007

Waiting is no fun

So I think the universe might be telling me to stop trying to rush things... And really, it's been quite subtle about the whole thing, so it just dawned on me today, while I was waiting for my *new* crockpot-dyepot to heat up to a simmerAnd at the same trying to untangle some single ply yarn I had spun up a few nights ago... ( I'm still waiting on the dye as I type, so hopefully it will work, I have no idea...) and as I was trying very hard not to break the yarn (which it did) and not stare at the pot trying to convince it that boiling is a fun thing to do ( it hasn't caught on yet) I realized that maybe I need to concentrate more on the moment and a little less on the future. Maybe. I have yet to decide if I would like to take the universe's advice. Probably should. but waiting is not one of my strong points. And besides, I did finally untangle the yarn and wound it up in a ball, I think the yellow and blue will be a hat someday.

Oh well, and maybe someday we'll fire a glaze kiln again. Perhaps in January.

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