January 26, 2010

“It is written: He who makes the best egg salad shall rule the heaven and earth.”

Have you ever seen What's Up Tiger Lily? No?!? Well, if you want to learn the importance of a really good Egg Salad (yes, it IS a proper noun), and what role it can play in Japanese gangs, I highly recommend it. Oh, and Woody Allen is involved. Need I say more?
Yes. I did just make some Egg Salad. It will be perfect tomorrow. Not that I want to rule the heavens and earth, too much to do!

Anyways. I've just become involved in a MOST exciting project, which I'll tell you about later when more is firmed up and sketched out.

( I mean,
wet yer pants whilst doing the happiest of dances kind of exciting here, people.)
More importantly, I have also realized that I'd forgotten to give the artist part of me the attention it deserves. I've always been one, but damn is it easier when you're a kid and your mom gives you her seed catalogs to cut up and paste on to cardboard, or to be completely satisfied with a swath of watercolor paint across a page with a single, precious, velvety white rabbit sticker leaping across it. If I had it with me, I'd tell you what I dictated to my mom as the title. Maybe next time I'll grab that giant portfolio and start taking photos of it. I realized this the other day, and there was probably little I could have done about it if I had realized it sooner... I mean, I bought a house (eeep!), then the holiday daze kicked in full swing and work was CRAZY with trade show prep. My poor little brain had no room to stretch out, and I aim to fix that. To make solid times that are for drawing, doodling, photographing, writing, whatever I please, as long as I'm using that artist side of me. I need to let that bird fly wild and high! She's been perched on her... erm, perch too long!

Which leads me to my next mission: to build a mini light box and start taking photos of the art that I have managed to squeeze out over the past year. I need to finish most of them, well, no, they're done, but I need to get them ready for the public's eyes. I can't keep these pieces of fabric folded up forever, that wouldn't be fair! These stitches need some room to breath! To be seen!

So. That's what's that for now. I think that this blog will be taking a turn from the knitting blog it was born as, and I'll try to use it as my artist statement. There will probably be some strange, twisty thoughts. But I am willing to let you see them. They're art too.

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Jane Prater said...

Anxiously waiting. BTW, I love egg salad. Steve isn't cooking tonight. I think I'll get an egg salad sandwich at Just Fresh.