March 6, 2007

Good day sunlight!

The sun has returned to H'burg! I had forgotten how much I love March sun, so it has been a most enjoyable start to the week. AND I finished my super cool shrug arm turned knee socks tonight! (I call them the *shrug* socks) YAYYYYY!!!!

The yarn is from a local alpaca farm, Blue Ridge Farm, and I had started out with the intent to knit a shrug, but realized that I dont wear shrugs, plus the yarn could qualify in the mid-weight division of a sheading match, which I can't stand. So I ripped back and stuck a foot on the first sleeve and made a second to match. the pattern is all my own, and I'm quite proud of my cabled rib. and the fact that the cables mirror eachother, something my darling friend A suggested as a challenge. I took it, what can I say, I enjoy a challenge.

So here they are.

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