May 28, 2007

Pouring rain and a sprinkling of hail on the drive back today.

Here are some of the little doodlies from the soda kiln, the one with the lid started out as an uglyone, a victim of my glaze experimentation, but now look how lovely it is!! the other two are small things, about 3in tall each.

I went home this weekend, spent the night at my brother's place and walked down to the church ( not that I go to church anymore, but the people are good, so I do try to stop by for coffee hour at least, plus it makes the momma happy, and everyone knows that's a good thing.) But as I was walking and enjoying the quiet and coolness of the morning, I decided to try walking and drop-spinning at the same time. And yes, I am that coordinated apparently. It was amazing, all i want to do now is wal k around and spin, I think I might just be able to get through the piles of roving from last week's dying in a fairly reasonable time if I every time I go for a walk I spin. Very exciting.

I also learned how alike my brother and I are. It was nice to have some time and beers with him, what with all our other siblings, its been hard to just hang out at the house, so it was good to have his place to retreat to for some real conversation. Yeah, so it was nice, a successful trip home.

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