May 31, 2007

I have many projects that are in the middle of being done

Making things, be it knitting, pottery, sewing, hanging dry wall or linking dandilions together into a crown for my little sister, is incredibly satisfying for me. There isn't really anything else I can see myself doing but continue to make things and hope and pray and beg I can keep doing it forever and manage to support myself some how. And believe me, I've tried to think of how things would be different if I had,say, decided to major in biology instead of art... it makes me shudder and feel yucky. So this must be the right thing for me to do. I hope.

Thinking about how miserable I would have been if I had chosen another major/career is kind of reassuring though... ( ok, maybe I wouldn't be miserable, but damn, it would've been horrible-bad-no good-times more often than not I imagine). At least I have something Im good at, and enjoy doing. Someday I might have to get that nightmarish office job to eat and live somewhere not in a box, but for now I'm pretty sure I've got a good deal with life going and I don't think it should change the way its going. I mean, sure it can get better, that would be cool, and I am sure that things will also get worse, but as long as i can make things, I'll be ok.

Huzzah for making things!

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