July 24, 2007

Ok, so it's warm, and my brain flits around when i'm in the sun

And as a result of the sun making my brain not focus, I havn't been finishing much else besides skirts, lots and lots of skirts, and of course, of course I have no pictures of them somehow. I also made a dress!! one of those projects that have to be ripped out, and started over completely with a whole new pattern (of my own making, hence the ripping out).
I've also been spinning a whole bunch of the orange with white roving i dyed a while ago, my unlikely goal is to be knitting it into something warm and cable-ly by the time the leaves match the yarn. so i've got to get going on that! yikes....
Speaking of yikes, my computer is about to die and i dont want to go back inside the coffee house to plug in. so hi, i'm alive. woooo!

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