August 11, 2008

soft is swell

Spinners, have you tried bamboo yet?!? DO IT! It is so soft!!! I found it smooth and easy to spin, I barely had to pre-draft it. The fibers are long, the carbonized bamboo I have is a beautiful, steel/smoky gray. I'm sure that natural colored bamboo would dye wonderfully, it has a wonderful sheen. oh... you probably want to see some now, don't you? Here is the first 2 oz, with the twist set.

About 93 yards, I will be ordering more from Miss. Babs soon!

On knitting, I am trucking along on a sweater that will warrant photos soonish, a few present projects, so no pictures for those until they are given away... umm... I have yarn waiting to get on my needles to make some long fingerless gloves with some natural colors of hand-spun. And for this post's knitted picture, a cowl I made the other day with super wash merino yarn I spun and dyed.
It is a bit big for a cowl, but I'll be able to tuck it into my coat so the looseness is not a problem!
Who wants a Fidgit update?

he's getting bigger! eep!


turtlegirl76 said...

Cool cowl! And Fidget is so big! Oh my!

Jet LeBlanc said...

Aha! A teenager cat!

I want some bamboo now! :-)