November 4, 2008

You smell like Democracy!!

At least, that's what we decided Fidgit was saying when we came home from voting this morning. It only took an hour. Please vote.

And because its been... oh forever since I posted last, here's a couple projects.

This one is a knitted top and fabric skirt i made for small sister back in, oh, July or so... I gave it to her at the beach, and it fits perfectly! It's big enough for a shirt to go under, an d she'll be cute as heck with some leggings underneath too!! ( She does not usually wear the top hat, but because I'm the big sister, I convinced her it was a good idea to protect her super hero identity.)

This one's for me. And Oh My Goodness! I love this sweater, Francis Revisited, the best free pattern EVER and it shoots off the needles, a perfect long, nothing but movies and lazying about weekend project. I might make another one, slightly bigger for lounging. This has also been done for a while... There are a few other finished things, but we'll save them for next time, whenever that may be.

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The Steph said...

Wee! It looks so good on you! :)