August 3, 2009

Busy Busy

I swear, I kept meaning to write and say hi and be all up to date.... Then I kind of gave up on it, but lately, well, I'm feeling the urge to write again, lots of things have happened and lots more has lined up to happen soon.

First big news, I work for This lovely company now! I love it... it's a great fit for me, and they GIVE AWAY FABRIC and YARN every once and a while. (can you believe it?!?)

I'm test knitting a stole I made last year for my mom, hopefully soon it will be done and photographed and up on Ravelry. That's the plan at least... and maybe that will help kick me in the direction of writing up more of my patterns, but let's not push it, right?

Things have been pretty busy around here since changing jobs, but I've managed to sew up a few dresses, which have become one of my favorite articles to wear, so comfy! I have plenty of fabric to make more out of, and perhaps some more skirts, which are a regular occurrence in my sewing repertoire. A few bags and toys have also been made with the machine as well.

Here's the sweetest thing I've made in a long time, cute, no?

It was made for a very special new big sister, and the skirt was promptly pulled off and thrown aside. I rather fancy the nekkid bunny myself, but wanted to give the option in case she felt modest one day. I am so in love with the tail... I have a few more to sew, to sell but I think I might skip the skirt... any thoughts?

Speaking of selling, a little self promotion here:

On August 9th (it's a Sunday) I'll be at Snug Harbor, one of the best bars in the whole city of Charlotte, if you ask me. They're putting on their first ever Craft Bazaar, and I'd really appreciate it if any of you who can would come out and support everyone! I have no idea what to expect, and am super excited to show my clay work from Appomattox (LOTS of tiles), as well as a good handful of sewn bits and bobs, and perhaps some yarn, but I'm just winging that part. (read... too in love with the yarn to part with it yet.)

I'll try to post again about knitting stuff, and with more pictures soon. I'll leave you with this guy:

He'll be at the Bazaar too. Have a great week!!

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turtlegirl76 said...

Good luck at Snug Harbor! I'll be there in spirit!