February 7, 2010


Well, I think it's time for a new banner... I got a hair cut yesterday, Finally, and when I signed on this morning, the old banner bothered me. So, that means I'll change it soon, hopefully this week, but no promises as my list of "to-do" is long and changes order frequently. It's hard trying to be organized with all these new ideas popping in my head.

I'm off to the yarn shop to work a few hours, I do like the short Sunday shifts. While I'm there I will be picking out new yarn for an old pattern of mine, to see if what I wrote a few years ago makes sense. If it does, I'll share it with you here eventually. (Could I be a little more wishy-washy about deadlines??? sheesh! Maybe that's my problem!)

Anyways, here's the first version

I was in Appomattox, VA for a pottery residency (no, I don't mess with clay right now, I'm quite happy playing with textiles, but someday I'm sure I'll go back to mud.) Knitting really helped keep me sane while I was there. I'm much happier now, and am excited to rework this pattern!

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