October 28, 2007

Workshop at the Creek

After three days of pretty heavy, always steady rain and then a workshop, I'm too worn out to tell you all about this past week and weekend, but it was great. Ron Meyers came up to Cub Creek to do a workshop/demo for two days. I love his work , the people were great, he is such a warm, real person that you couldn't help but feel nice listening to him tell stories and explaining his work. Yes, that is THE Ron Meyers in the photo above, one sweet lookin old man, huh? And below is one of his works, it's the, well, blue plate special... duh. anyways, he told us he makes these most places he goes, called them his ...well, i think i know how to spell the word he used, chachski. but i think some how it starts with a k... anyways, I love that word. I love all my chachskis too.

I'll add more photos, including the tea bowl I bought from him later this week when I'm hiding out in one of my favorite places for a few days. Yay! Whee!!!

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