October 20, 2007

Curts, mommy! Curts!

I have found a partial solution to all the stress and distraction that comes with living and working in the SAME space. (Sleeping in a tent doesn't help either, but that's another can o' worms). The problem: I get distracted... easily, especially when it comes to what is going on around me, and since I'm here to work, and haven't gotten nearly as much done as I had hoped would happen, I was getting stresssssed. Tensions were high, until i decided to put up some curtains around my space to block out all the visual noise. Works like a charm. I can pretend i'm alone! This is Great! Now I have a cozy studio that I can work in without so many "breaks". It's kind of like being in a tent all over again, but with much more of a Lawrence of Arabia feel to it, I'm in love and have already started embellishing the muslin. Here's to keeping sane in a crazy situation! woooooooooo

So I tell you about my lovely, potentially life saving curtains, and blogger isn't letting me post pictures. they will have to come later I suppose.... damnshite.

I was also going to show you some yarn I've spun, some alpaca that is turning into a scarf (?) the little bird that's growing on my curtains and my latest sculpture and new and growing army of buttons... oh well.

( when I was small, we were moving away from CT to Japan and my mom took down my curtains. this was not, apparently, ok with me. I went running to her after discovering them missing crying, " Mommy! Mommy, Curts! Curts!". Curtains and I go way back.)

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