October 25, 2007

finally the rest of them

freaking finally blogger let me finish posting my photos that i've been talking about. here's the bird i embroidered on my curtain ...
A small selection of my army of buttons that's still growing, they'll be (hopefully) sold to the masses via yarn stores when they are done. I might glaze some, but most will be put in as bare clay into the wood kiln and the salt kiln. I'll explain about those later when i have work done in the actual kilns.
and this is a piece of melted glass i found in the back of John's house in the mud one day. It must have been melted in the fire it is an amazing little find. I might go out looking for more some day, but first it has to stop raining.

So that's what I've got. It's nice. oh, in the background of the glass picture you can see a blurry vase hung from the ceiling with pink yarn I spun. It's part of a series I may or may not expand to many many vases hung with spun yarn. Time will tell.

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