April 28, 2008

People are Dyeing EVERYWHERE!

Well, maybe not everywhere, but yesterday a lovely group descended upon tvini's lovely home to paint and Crockpot dye yarn and roving and generally have a wonderful time.

There were large pots

some bamboo cooked in the Crockpot and came out beautiful after the mad scientist figured out the chemical maneuvers

Yummy goodies

Jetsyknits with her wrapped up colors ready to be steamed while Knitdiva painted away

And then turtlegirl ( the mad scientist mentioned earlier) made an amazing thing on her roving experiment

The results were a cloth line full of beautiful fibers and a bunch of happy knitters!

Here is what I came away with, the red and blue-green braids were painted and the lavender gray was done in the crock pot over 3 batches.

Now, tell me that's not a great day! I would've liked to get better pictures of the finished roving, but it's a yuck day out and none of my lamps are great for lighting, oh well, can't have everything!


turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh! You made braids! Teach me!!

Tvini said...

Looking good!

Virtuous said...

Haha! Love the blog title!