April 9, 2008

And on Wednesday, she dyed.

So... What's a girl to do when she comes across nice, soft wool, on sale, a very very good price for her small wallet, but it's a yucky yellow-brownish color (mustard perhaps)? She buys 6 skeins of it of course, thinking that the answer is in her crock-pot.

And so the yarn comes home, gets put in the sink, some math is done. Crock pot is turned on while the dye dissolves, the kitchen window is wrassled open ( it was painted shut) so any lingering vinegar smell is gone by the time S comes home (hates HATES the smell of the stuff-and for good reason). Yarn is put into the crock pot, cooks and cooks for 40 minutes, is rinsed, squeezed ever so gently and *poof* mustard turns green!

Yucky Yellow:


Much Better!

Drying on the roof

It has been a most happy morning.

(The yarn is Araucania Natural Wool, in color number 37. Now it's number pretty)

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