April 15, 2008

Threads and Oats

Yesterday I pulled my muslin out of it's container and slapped my new hoop on it and started tracing a sketch on it. Didn't like that one, turns out, the idea behind it is one that needs to get fleshed out and built upon more before I can start. More drawing, more tracing, more scratching of the head and lots more erasing. So instead I started this:

Will keep you updated, promise.

This is another week o' practice for S, so I decided to go to the grocery store and buy lunch stuffs, a girl can eat salads only so many days in one week. It was there, trying to decide what it was that I wanted to eat for lunch tomorrow that it hit me. I can make COOKIES! I haven't be able to for one reason or another ( a grosssssssssss nasty ass studio kitchen being one of them.) Happily I gathered my supplies, and these delights just popped out of my oven. They are, in the words of the little sister of my life, Ms.L., yummish! interesting note ( or not) this is the first food I've posted about. go figger

And to finish up, two finished projects:

Stole for mah momma

and a hemp market bag

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Dani said...

If you need a character reference for those cookies, send em my way - they were AWESOME!!!