July 10, 2008

How can you not be happy?

I'm quite satisfied and have lots to show you! First off, a knitting project present for some new friends who are about to have a baby! Little baby E has the coolest room set up, and when I saw it, I knew what I was going to make, a little blanket that he can drag behind him and is easy to tuck around a car seat. ( and if he doesn't like it, it matches the room at least! haha!) The yarn is Universal Classic Chunky, and I have to say, I liked knitting with it a lot, it went fast, is almost as soft as a baby's butt, and it's machine washable (key for a baby blankie, I think).

Then I've spun up the plummy roving, the colors are close, but the light pink is a lot less... fleshy... in real life. Not sure what will become of this yet.

And for some exciting colors, a batt and roving (the greens) from Miss. Babs all spun up. Both were a lot of fun to spin, especially the batt. I highly recommend Miss. Babs, she is a super sweet person and ships to Charlotte in a flash! I never have to wait too long to get things from her, I looove it! And her colors are so vibrant and saturated!! I think these two yarns will eventually end up in the same project... any suggestions?


D said...

all yummy stuff :) Look at how productive you have been (im such a slacker)

Jet LeBlanc said...

You could make a whole bunch more and then make something kind of like Lizard Ridge.