July 7, 2008

farmgirl me!

Well here I go! First Dani made me join Plurk. Then I found out that her and another friend had joined in with a bunch of other plurkers to help form the Plurkette Hencircle, started by Miss.Violet of Lime and Violet, which I admit I have not listened to yet, but plan on fixing that soon.

So I asked to join the Hencircle, especially after reading what it was all about. A group centered around building a community? Of like-minded, wanting to make as much as they can and spread the good farm girl word and way of living?!? Darn tootin' I signed up!

In the last few years I have made a real push to make as much of what I need as possible. I'm not the best with potted plants, my herb garden died before I was able to reap the benefits, but I might try again later with a slightly more better game plan than "OH! pots! seeds! dirt! I'll plant them and grow them and who cares if I've forgotten to water these things before..." oopse.
Anyways, I did manage to stick to my plan of making my clothes ( minus underthingies and jeans) for a whole summer instead of trying to buy things that were both affordable and in line with my style ( bwahahaha, impossible). Besides, makin your own skirt is SO much more satisfying, you spend less time and money you'd have used up trying to find one that fits perfectly and is in a non nasty color/ non- hoochie mamma length.

Then I went to a pottery residency for 6 months, camped for two of them and house camped for the remaining. In the sticks, with a gross kitchen and mostly dumb people and man o' petes, I was miserable. But i was making, and stocking up on my fiber plans whilst moaning away in clay land ( I did get a whole bunch of awesome things out of it, and a few amazing new woman-friends , so it really wasn't all bad). While I was there I learned what made me happy:

making functional pieces of art, to include knitting, sewing, embroidery, spinning, dyeing and etc.
tromping through the woods
being with real-life human beings who love and care for each other and will for the rest of their lives
my tribe of friends is one of the most important parts of me. I will kick anyone's arse who messes with one of my tribe. really. and I fight scrappy.
I like clay, but do not love it the way I do fibers
I want and need to make something every day. Even if it's one piddly row on a glove (I don't do socks)
Cooking is a must. dinner and baking. breakfasts.
Making gifts for those who deserve it, no matter if it is a birthday or some official gift holiday. presents make a day.
writing notes and letters to people I think about but don't always call like I should. Really, send me an addy and I'll eventually send out a postcard.
Making messes and leaving them there until a project is done. (this also helps me finish things, small space = not a lot of mess room)

My bonuses for being at Cub Creek ( the program) was that I got to move to Charlotte, live with my Amazing man, meet a whole ton of fiber freaks, musicians and lovely people in general, get my fibery groove on, and top it off with a little orange freak-o of a kitty.

I know this has gotten rambley, but that's just how I work I guess. I'm looking forward to the projects, conversations and new people!

That's me in a blog post.
( and a parting shot of my little fuzzman)
he's so cool and yes, he knows.


J.P. said...

What a great post.. plus the pic of the kitty was an added bonus! He's such a cutie!

Jane Prater said...

Awesome philosophy. So glad you are here with us.