July 27, 2008

Cover your shoulders!

Now I can wear my summer dresses and tank-tops to work and other chilly/more formal places!

aren't you proud, momma?

I also have three newly spun yarns done, they're just drying so more of that to come...

and if you ever watched the cartoon George of the Jungle, remember Super Chicken? His sidekick Fred the Lion? Kinda, not really? Well, let me refresh your memory*:

*clothing animals, unless necessary, is not something I usually support or condone, especially if it's a cat, buuut in this case, it was too good not to, after the idea was kiddingly brought up. I mean, give me something that good, it's going to happen! ( Fidgit doesn't seem to mind either, he just keeps running around like the little sweet spaz he is)


Jet LeBlanc said...

Pretty shrug! (and adorable kitty!)

Anonymous said...

I'm always proud of you! Love the new shrug and can't wait to see you at the beach!