August 15, 2009

Crafty Sweat

Thanks to all who came out last Sunday! The Bazaar went really well, tons of people, despite the heat, I hope they'll do it again! This was the first show I've done that I felt really ready and prepared for. I had change, water, cards, a cute table cloth, STUFF and everything. The only thing I forgot was a snack, but cookies were being sold, so that wasn't even an issue! Here's my table:

And various shots of the table, forgot to take one just of the tiles and my button tree... oh well.

The only problem was, in my desire to avoid the sun and being burned to a crisp, I placed myself under the patio's roof... not a problem until I realised that the AC units were right behind the table. (the suckers blow out HOT air to the outside... oops!) Heat ontop of Heat was not the desired affect, but it worked out. So there was lots of sweating and water drinking, but the tiles and flower clips did great!

I need to take photos of everything that was left over (there's plenty) and put them on my etsy site, but everything's so crazy with some exciting stuff, that I haven't had the brain space to do anything about it. Soon though, I'll have this week all to myself as Dudeman is off on a mini tour with Mich Easter. (YES, he is that cool!!) Not that he gets in the way of crafting, it's just easier to do that kind of thing by myself. If you see anything in the photos you NEED, just let me know and I'll pop it up there for ya.

Have a good one!

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Jane Prater said...

I love my tiles. So does Steve.