August 8, 2009


So the company I work for had a HUGE crocheter based following... Makes sense, but it also means that I have had to own up to talking about improving my crochet skills and actually do something about it.

I bought a stitch dictionary of crochet patterns, not just motifs and granny squares, and have been making dishcloths, practicing reading the patterns and being productive and stuff all at once. It works out well as a movie project, but mainly they've become my " But I don't WANT to work on what I should work on" projects. They're quick, so nothing gets neglected too long. And now I have a pile of cloths for my dishes. As one gets nasty, I make another, it's a pretty good system.

I still like knitting better, but I do LOVE being able to knock out some dishcloths and really play with chain stitches on top of them, exploring what textures make a better scrubber and the like.

The best part is, I have a huge pile of Creme de la Creme, our cotton yarn. It is hard as hell to find in a store, but I really enjoy this cotton yarn. It's soft and colorful, and in fact, I have some that will become a shawl someday. I'm not a huge 100% cotton fan, but this stuff is my exception.

I have no pictures of the dishcloths because it is time to make another, and who wants to see nasty cloths? yuck! So instead, I present my newest favorite sweater. Modified Memories of Ukraine from The Natural Knitter knitted in red Silky Wool. I wore it to work the other day (yes, the office is that cold...) and love it. Want to wear it every day. except on the days I have to wear my other favorites. I also love this photo, makes me giggle.

I love this yarn, and have more in a mossy brown color... I'm thinking a cardigan this time. Any pattern suggestions? (though I'll probably end up making something up, you know how I am)

Don't forget Charlotte People, Craft Bazaar tomorrow!


Jane Prater said...

Gorgeous sweater. Isn't that the yarn I was trying to avoid buying?

I'm trying to avoid knitting my own Silky wool sweater; maybe I should crochet some stuff.

turtlegirl76 said...

ooh pretty! Can't wait to see it in person someday. =) Did you get a haircut? It looks different.