April 21, 2010

Let there be Tiles!

Good morning dears!

I will be posting these tiles tonight after the office-work. I have more, but surprises are nice, aren't they? And plus, who knows what I will need to make tonight, so I don't want to promise you too much. I much prefer my home-work. Home work is art, it is craft, it is little pieces of my soul and thoughts coming together to create. Whatever that creating is, I am pleased as punch to be able to make it.

(I love this one, the little black eggs are so snug in their nest... Does anyone know if there are birds who lay black eggs? I think emus lay dark blue ones...)

I hope you have a sweet and tart lemon bar kind of day!

Edit time! I just listed all three of these tiles. Sadly, I must go clean the bathroom floors instead of posting more. But it's only because my mum is coming to visit tomorrow! She deserves clean bathroom floors!

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