June 19, 2010


There is little better than sitting still after a day of crawling around on the floor, trying to install a sink while the hot water is still dripping because the shut-off valve is funky. A new couch to sit on is also quite the perk, don't you think?

But I did it. That is, after three trips to the hardware store (thank goodness it's practically around the corner, or else I might've cried), panic, and following relief thanks to the lovely man who helped me figure out how to fix my hook up hose issues.

Whats that? Oh, alright, here's how it looked in progress...

Fidgit helped, of course.

The color is called artic stone, more pigment than I had pictured in my head when I chose the paint chip, but I love it.

Now all I need to do is get small feet for the tall cabinet (and hope Shawn likes it where it is). Oh, and bleach and seal all of the grout in the shower and on the floor.

After that, I need my house painter friend to stop by and give the trip a quick bright white pick-me-up (I don't do oil based paint... I'm not precise enough, and he's a pro!) and this bathroom will be finished, friends. Finished.

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