June 4, 2010

dream space

This is where I work out designs, write to you here on this blog, and write my letters to friends. See the box on the second shelf??? She's my newest favorite thing, and I will share her next time the light is better, as you can see, it's quite dark in here for photos at the moment, and needs some sunshine to be properly shown off.

I love this desk, it is from the ubiquitous Ikea, and I've had it since this blog was started (see? you can just make it out under the pile of supplies and the hat...) The space to work on is huge, the shelves are lifesavers, and once I get some hooks, I'll be able to hang things from the bottom of the shelves and along the side supports. Crammed full. That's a good desk.

I love this room, and can't wait to paint it. Soon, soon!

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