August 5, 2010

The sound of the rain

Dear darling person,

It's raining today, it started as I drove home from work, straight into the storm. I counted at least 40 lighting bursts within 15 minutes. The long, hair thin cracks of light in the sky, and the bright explosions of light that fill the sky. It wasn't even that dark yet, and the sky would sizzle with brightness. Then the thunder began, cracking like a bullwhip. I love storms. Luckily, this place has had a good round of them this summer. It pours, it can pour for hours, so that the whole world is eaten up in soft dark gray water. So you can hardly see if you're stuck driving. I'd rather sit on my porch getting sprayed on by the drops that jump back up to the sky. My yarn grows into a river, reminding me again why a rock garden on the side of the house would be such a good idea. A place of quiet to help with times of rolling, avalanche like thunder and buckets of cool rain.

The thunder is purring away now, sloping through the clouds, following the rain, the wind has let up and the trees are once more quiet. The kitten will soon come out from under the bed. She'll go straight back there if it starts again, which it has habits of doing. Right when you think it's over, that it is safe to venture out without an umbrella and rain boots (I really need a pair...) it begins all over again. The wind dancing hard through the leaves, the water pouring down the sky, the thunder shaking the widow panes.

I love thunder. I love the shocking surprise of it, even when I know it's coming, after seeing a beauty of a lighting strike sprint across the purple gray clouds. But you never quite know how loud it will be, how soon it's coming. It's like the game we played as kids, racing to pop the most balloons by sitting on them. you know you'll hit the floor with a bang, but oh the fun of the suspense!!! It might take one or two hops to get that balloon to surrender. It might take two seconds or thirty for the thunder to roll into my head. I love deep sounds.

Do you?

for the love of old things.

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