March 19, 2008

i finished something!

The Candle Flame shawl is finished! I bound off yesterday with NO yarn left! It got a little hairy in the end, had to pull some rows out so I could finish with enough yarn, but there's no more! And I love it, it's so comfy and warm (yes, I am wearing it right now!)

All of the necklaces are old projects, I haven't wanted to make another in a good while, though I'm starting to feel the need to pick up beading again. We'll see. Mostly I just felt like taking pictures of pretty things.

And this lovely shelf is my craft shelf!!!!! I told you I felt like taking pictures of pretty things...

Well, I'm off to get ready for lunch with one of my newest friends!! Man, Charlotte is full of crazy awesome people, especially the fiber obsessed kind!!! ( I'm talking yarn, not Metamucil) I think I'll fit in fine here.

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