March 16, 2008

Spring in the City

I admit, I was worried that after being inundated with nature, a city would seem... well, full of buildings and concrete. There's plenty of both in Charlotte, but the good news is that most of the neighborhoods have lots of trees, and I live right by a little park. So there's plenty of naturey goodness to keep me satisfied before I'll feel like I need a hike. ( The top flower is Evergreen Clematis and it has such a lovely sweet fragrance! )

In art news, still working on this shawl,

almost done with the last skein of yarn, though I cheated and made the skein smaller by using it to make a hat for my friend. Hahahaha!!

And I updated my Etsy shop the other day too! So now there are a few bags I've made up there as well, check it out maybe you need something, it's in the link section of my blog. And check out the rest of the site as well, it is chock-full of awesome craft artists who all need some lovin' patronage! :)

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