March 13, 2008

A new view


I friggen love Charlotte already, I've been here since Sunday officially and have already made a deal with a wonderful lady to sell my buttons at her store, I'm going to drop them off today... oh, i should take pictures of them too.... hmm. we'll see. She turned me onto the weekly local knitting gathering, the knitting guild ( WHEEEE a fiber guild AND knitting?!?!?! too sweet!!) and was just generally friendly and great.

So of course I went to the knitting night (at books a million= BAM/ BAMers for future knowledge). And everyone was so nice, and some of them already knew about the buttons and sounded quite excited to check them out, which made me excited, and I ended up staying untill 10:00, so that was... oh, like 3 hours of knitting with great people. I can get used to that.

Here's a couple pictures of knitish things, a new pair of fingerless gloves, and some Australian wool from Henry's Attic that I dyed ( commercial dyes and a crock pot) and spun on my drop spindle. Not sure what will happen to it, but it will be something good.

I am as happy as I could be. Love to all.

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