June 12, 2008

Feel goods

So I finally got brave enough to watch The Golden Compass . I loved the books and had avoided this move because of this, but i have to say, they did a pretty good job sticking to the story and getting all the information ( and there is plenty, this is a detail detail kind of story) to the viewers. While I was watching I was knitting, of course, and finished a caplet and made a hat out of my hand spun.

The next night I plied some superwash Merino wool I had dyed at one of our parties with some black cotton thread. I love it! Incredibly soft and squooshy and light. I am so happy I bought this wheel, we are such a good fit!! I did the thread ply because I wanted something more than a single, but did not want to loose yardage and really wanted to let the colors stand on their own, not next to each other.

Here's a progress shot of the danish tie shawl, i have been neglecting it for a while and am going to sit down and give it some lovin' right after I post this.


turtlegirl76 said...

I'd like to see the yarn you plied with the cotton. My mind is starting to race at the possibilities this opens up.

J.P. said...

You handspun looks great all knit up! Good job!