June 9, 2008


It was a busy week last week! So, a little more development on my new spinning wheel. It came to my work, Dani supervised and documented the unwrapping and putting togethering. It was one of the best lunch times EVER! She's an Ashford Kiwi, I love spinning on a wheel to bits already, here's my first large chunk of yarn done:

I've had the rust color for a good while now, I dyed and blogged about it when I was still in good ol' Harrisonburg, VA. The white is corriedale and came with her. I'm quite happy with the 140ish yards I have, the most regular thickness is about 5wpi, but it is thick and thinner.

Thursday I "taught" a little girl how to knit, and learned I can knit from the back side as long as it's a knit stitch. And then I went home and spun more.

Friday Prabir and the Substitutes (myspace), one of Shawn's old band ( and the one he was playing in when I met him, for some Cat's life trivia) came to play and stay at our apartment, but I was getting up early to go to the Dragon Boat Races with Cristi, so I dropped by the bar, said hi, had a drink and went home to bed.

Saturday Cristi picked me up and we headed to the races in which our dear friend May was rowing. There was some knitting

Lots of sweating and hydrating

some cheering ( they are rowing back to the load in/out spot, the race pictures were way to small and you couldn't see the right boat anyways. sorry) more sweating

some crazy lady spotting

check out that fun fur fan! She kept putting it away whenever I went for the camera, she may have suspected our amusement... and then we sweat some more.

After the majority of the races we left, ate mandetory icecream that immediatly mealted all over my hands, lemee tell ya, there's nothing like melting icecream cone to make you feel like a five year old all over again.

And after recovering in the car's AC we made our final stop at the Davidson Needlecraft Center and both picked up some half- off yarns and I also widened my embroidery floss palette. It was a most lovely day! I just wish I had more pictures... especially of that fan! haha!

It was a good day and then the Alternative Champs (myspace again) show was that night and it was awesome funny and rockin'! I'll leave you with a photo of part of their costumes... and one of my favorite shots I took that night. ( they dress up every show as something different, this time it was 70's style preps. it was interesting. )

Sunday was recovery,and the traditional thrift store exploring. I had some major mojo and found an almost complete collection of Make it Yourself: The Complete Step-by-Step Library of Needlework and Crafts. It is an encyclopedia-like collection of 20 books and I found 13 of them! for 80 cents each. Score!

and now Monday's almost done.


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J.P. said...

What a fun day! And that woman's fan is frightening. I think nightmares may be had over that thing. Scary!