June 1, 2008

Myrtle Beach

So last weekend we went to Myrtle Beach to visit some of Bf's friends and go to the beach, have a vacation, go to the Hard Rock Cafe's new amusement park, and generally have a good time.

The first night we went to a "Mongolian Style" grill... the food was good, but they had the weirdest combos in the regular buffet lines. By the end of the meal we all broke down and started coming back with very odd combinations of food. Here's my last plate:

canned peaches, some fluffy orange cake stuff and one of those nom nom good sugar dougnuts and a piece of crab wrapped in bacon.

and here is Bf's last plate:

thats right, bacon wrapped crab and chocolate pudding.

The next day we went to the amusement park, rode the Led Zeppelin ( highly recommended) and saw the magical mystery tour bus, it was a decent park, but needs more rides. We were glad that we had free tickets, other wise the story may have been different.

Then there was beach time and we met a new jelly friend. it was lovely to jump in the ocean again, I love it, but not enough to live there, eventually the sand would drive me crazy. ( as it would end up no doubt, in allll of my yarn. yeucky-doo.)

in all the vacation was awesome, plus the three kitties who decided to adopt our bags as beds were pretty darn sweet.

I knit a little on the way down and up on Pi, which is growing steadily, I have about an ounce left of yarn and am hoping that it will be done soon! The tie shawl is also growing, it tricked me into thinking it was finished so I pulled it onto some waste yarn last night and alas, it needs at least a good 5-7 more inches to be finished. :( boo.

there will be more very exciting news later this week! VERY exciting news. Stay tuned for the awesomeness that will occur!!!!!

Oh, and I should mention it was the second weekend of biker week and we saw all sorts of butts in thongs on the backs of those crotch-rocket/ ninja speed bikes... it was... interesting. We stayed as far away from the traffic as possible and it all worked out in the end. Minus the dumb old traffic we got stuck in for a bit on the way out.

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