June 28, 2008


Some Corriedale roving I hand-dyed. The pink came out first because I forgot the vinegar, was really supposed to be reds and oranges... oopse... ( it is pretty, but I'm really not the pink type. Something had to change) Then I dumped the rest of the roving into my new giant pot and made a purple color and let the tips of the pink soak up the purple while the rest cooked (with vinegar this time)

And here is something I'm quite proud of, the first skein of yarn from my Cormo fleece I bought raw with my friend Angie last summer. I still have plenty to comb out, and this is about 150 yards... so a ways to go before I get my sweater's yardage done, but it feels good to start on it finally!!

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Jane Prater said...

Beautiful. For future reference, I AM the pink type.