March 12, 2010

Taking a que

A new dear friend of mine posted seven (or was it 8?) things not readily known about her... And I think I should reciprocate.

1. Fidgit, the kitten-cat (because she is still small) has the sweetest smell, I often embarrass her by smelling her belly and armpits. I can't help it, she smells so KITTENY!

2. I can't remember how old I was, but I think early highschool, when I realized, to my horror, that I have my father's feet. Same shape, but smaller, whiter, and thankfully less hairy. Took me years to be able to look at my own feet without shuddering.

3. I have learned that I am a shy artist. I am trying to change that.

4. I love the sounds of fabric, tearing it, the swish swish of corduroy pants, the stiff sounds of silk... Except for the sound those damn windbreaker sports suits make, I hate that sound, it's too plastic (because that's what they are made of), I think mostly because you have no choice but to make noise if you are wearing one. Sound should be a pleasant choice.

5. I also adore having working dirty hands, from drawing with charcoal, to getting a hole in my gloves and having blue hands (and there was that one time I just didn't care and both hands were completely blue, I mean BLUE, people. And then I went to my writing class and the prof. stopped in the middle of his opening talk to ask why the hell they were so. - it remains one of my favorite memories.)

6. One of my goals this year is to make as much clothing as possible. So far... I need to work on it, but I did sew together the happiest of blanket tops!

7. I miss learning. I need to take a class soon about something I know nothing to little about. Or else I'll figure it out myself, which is fine, but learning from someone is so rewarding!

8. I know very little about music, any type. Which amuses and confuses most people who I've met in the past two years, seeing as the man I adore is a heavy duty awesomely talented musician and a rock 'n roll buff. I am forever reminding them that I don't know about such things, but I'll talk anyone's ears off about making things. Always.

So that is that, now, how about some rock music?

(be gentle on the visual quality, but I promise, these fools kick it in person!)

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The Noisy Plume: said...

Dear Kitten,
You're simply the loveliest!