March 28, 2010


For a long time now, I've realized, I haven't really gotten all that into spring. I've always liked it, but it's fall that gets me going, knitting, spinning, crunching leaves. But now that I have a house, and its yard has a respectable amount of daffodils, I'm really enjoying spring. It makes me want to create color, dig in the dirt (I'd forgotten how awesome digging is, the smell of dirt on my hands).

I'm really enjoying spring, and taking advantage of it as much as I can.

Here's some of my daffies, I can't describe how happy I am that there are plenty of them, and there is more than one kind planted about the yard. I can't wait to separate them and fill them in with more kinds. And Hyacinths. I have to have some of those next year. HAVE TO people. And some purple tulips. And some sort of flower that is green. I love green flowers.

It was great fun taking photos with my new camera and tripod (the tripod is like manna in this low lit house!!!)

oh. and I have my giant desk back finally, after having to store it at my mom's house for about 3 years (felt like eons)!!! And I have a cute little old chair to go with it.


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