March 2, 2010

Seeing work

I have several projects going. Started a new little one last night, for the joy of it. Spinning yarn is so good. It's been a while since I've spun anything that I haven't washed and carded myself, too, which I learned when I finally broke into this braid of scrumptious yellow roving I bought out in Asheville at SAFF this October. I don't usually buy things other people dye, since that's part of the fun for me, and I don't have an unlimited textile/fiber budget (small pout!) But I couldn't resist these yellows, and since it is kind of a hard color to get saturated when you dye your own, it became my treat that day. (Let's not talk about the giant fleece I bought... that was a different kind of treat. I planned to buy that!)

So I'm spinning daffodils now. And even though it's snowing, I know I have the real things on my kitchen window... I love daffodils to infinite amounts.

Here's a glimpse of what I'm doing tonight, spinning yellow yarn in my new ORANGE cordoroy pants (can't tell you how happy they make me, but man! Orange pants, say it out loud, and try not to smile when you say it.)
And there's a book to read later in that amazing leather chair too! Life sure is nice!

So I leave you with a photo of little miss Fidgy, who's keeping me company while I wrap someone's birthday presents and spin new yarns and write to you, dear reader.

oh, and how about a preview of my sort of secret project? wheee!

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