March 22, 2010

Setting goals

I've decided to do one thing for the house every day. So far, since last Sunday I've done the following:

Pulled out an ugly beach grass bush (SO do not belong in the middle of the state!)
Cleaned 2 rooms in prep for family & delivery of much needed shelving, made by my dad.
Started painting the front door.
Finished said painting, just need to scrape the extra off the windows.
I took Friday off to do yoga (5 weeks in a row so far! Another goal)
Saturday was cleaning, rearrainging and pulling out the other ugly beach grass, as well as giving 3 more hair cuts in prep of pulling out.
Then my dad & 2 of the brothers got here and they did some amazing things.
Sunday I planted my new herbs into their permanent pots
Today I started basil, tomatoes, put some cuttings in soil, and sprinkled some flower seeds as well.

Not sure what will be the task tomorrow, but I'm really enjoying this! Small steps really do add up! hmmmm, maybe I'll give the other three grasses their hair cuts.

Seriously though, usually, I'm against pulling plants up and out, but these things are a)ugly and b) silly, and c) I can plant better, more local-appropriate and far prettier things in their places. Not to mention gain enough room for a third raised bed in the veggie garden.

oh, and this is what the front door looks like now: