May 1, 2010

The morning view

As I was driving home last night, the moon was low, large and light orange. I love the moon, I thought to my small self, almost as if I had forgotten how terribly I adore that rock in the sky. And I do. It comforts me somehow, whenever I see it. Especially on the nights she brings out her best dresses. The night I first saw the moon as a red giant, I was on top of a mountain and was totally blow away at the majesty. I feel that way about small rocks sometimes, in a smaller way. I always try to find an interesting rock when I go places like the beach and the mountains, or just somewhere new. They remind me of the place, yes, but also, of being outside. And have you ever seen a prettier stone than agates? Now, I've not found one of those on the ground, but do own some. One in a ring, others from when I was a young rockhound. (Which meant every time we visited my grandparents we went to Old Towne Rock and Gem and I was allowed to choose one or two polished stones to bring home). I need to take their photos, I just rediscovered them unpacking the other week. Seeing old friends is always such a reward.

Here's a glimpse of my morning. This is the table in what was once the dining room in this house. We've turned it into the record& book library with an eating nook. I never have been one to want a formal dining room, so this is perfect. And it's in the heart of the house, so the music goes everywhere when Shawn puts on his DJ hat and plays the records. I love it here. I love my table cloth, and my aqua cup. You've probably seen it before, if you've been reading a while.
I adore it.
You will probably see it again.

I've also made another blog-me-how-to-write-truthfully- decision. I've been writing letters to a dear friend (yes, the kind with stamps) and I've realized how open I am, how easy it is to say whatever it is I wanted to say. And that's how I was trying to write here. But I was feeling blocked and untrue when I was trying to write as myself here... Not sure why I was blocking myself, but hey, when don't we all do that at?? So. I' m going to try my best to pretend I'm writing a real letter. And we'll see how that goes from here. I think it will work. I'm excited.

A bonus photo of Fidge, she had been laying quite relaxed when I brought out the camera... Now she just looks too snooty not to share!

I did retouch this photo, it had come out too blue from my camera, evening light is still tricky for me. But relearning how to use a "real" camera is SO much fun! I uped the saturation and sharpened it a bit, just so you could see what it was I saw when I took the photo.

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