May 20, 2010

The season changes

Saturday was the first day for this market's season, and ever. I was searching for one that used to be close to downtown (or "up"town as the fancy folk around here like to call it) and while it was closed, a new one was opening. Bonus, new market opens at the most reasonable time of 9am. I like. So I put on a summery orange sherbet colored skirt, grabbed my camera and some cash and headed out to see what there was to eat.

For it's first ever showing, I was pretty impressed, it has grand potential to be MOST awesome! There were plenty of new plants to buy for your garden.

And a few butchers, lots of farm-fresh happy chicken eggs, some delectable looking chocolates and soap even! And a pickle man. Well, let's be fair, THE pickle man. :)

I ended up with a bucket of growing lettuce (on the cheap! I mean, think of how many salads I can eat between batches growing!!! hooray!!) And some beef short ribs that I cooked up in the slow cooker, which was the first time I've come close to "making" BBQ sauce. It passed the Shawn test, so I'm pretty happy with that!
Did not take a photo of the cooked ribs, they probably wouldn't have looked as yummy as they were, and we ate them before i could even think about taking a picture.

As I was leaving I ran into some of our friends who were setting up to play some music outside the market area... If they keep doing it this will be the BEST market. perhaps ever.

I also succumbed to some strawberries. And ate them all within 2 and a half days. Delish. Summer does have its sweet spots.


reeve said...

so where was it? let me know next time you go:)

Cat said...

It's the Atherton (sp???) Mill mall, on South and Tryon (I think... I know how to get there at least!) I'll probably go back next weekend, promise to call!