May 31, 2010

Rainy day snacks

It's been raining forever today! Really! We're working somewhere between 7 and 8 hours, I can't believe there's so much water left in the sky still. I've had to pull some of my potted plants up on the porch, so they wouldn't drown! (which may be over reacting, but I'm new to all this planty business, and am trying very hard to keep everyone alive and happy. (so I can eat them later...)). hm. :)

The thunder has let off for a bit, though it was strong enough that a crack of lightning cut the power for a few seconds while we were lazing about in bed this morning. There's not much better than that, snuggled into bed, listening to the rain and having a kitty who is a bit freaked out and wants you to be awake and about the house now, please. Poor Fidge spent the morning under the bed when she wasn't trying to get us up.

At one point the rain let up so we ran out and bought provisions; pizza supplies, breakfast goods, milk, and at one point some blackberries threw themselves at me and I just couldn't leave them there, now could I?? After lunch, knitting, and reading, I decided to make shortbread. It's pretty good, but the next batch will have more vanilla and a touch more salt. Dangerously easy to make, and even more dangerously easy to consume.

Didn't my snack turn out pretty? It looks so dainty.

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