May 21, 2010

Tea is for the mornings

Summer time is nearly upon us. I can tell, because in the mornings lately I’ve not wanted the comfort of hot tea that I’ve been enjoying for the past months. I miss it, but am usually too warm already to even think about hot water. But I missed the quiet minutes while I drank my tea, so I took matters in to my own hands (as we all so often must, and should). I brewed some chai tea, added some brown sugar, let it steep for a lot longer than normal, added some cream and popped it into the fridge overnight.

The morning was blissful with my glass of cold, spicy sweet comfort.

I miss the moments of tea when I don’t have the time or the temperature to drink some at home. At work it just doesn’t seem as lovely, as quiet. It’s mostly a way to keep warm in the icebox I am lucky enough to work in. There, it looses the peace and the ritual. So, for real tea I must drink it quietly, at home in my sweet cave of plaster and wood.

Sweet milky thoughts

Crowd my brain, crown my tongue.

As morning creeps up and over my toes.

Mornings are for tea

A place to wake.

If you have any, I'd love to know what your rituals for the mornings or evenings are... especially if they involve teas or coffees. The drinks that have certain steps that you must partake in to enjoy a cup.

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RachelleAtkins said...

I've been enjoying Kukicha twig tea in the mornings. After reading your blog today, I feel like I need a ritual. Will keep you posted!